BR03-45 L/G RGB+冷暖白手持式遥控器

BR03 Meshlink手持式遥控器系列,采用可靠的自组网无线通信协议,拥有简化操作和极简设计,旨在控制单色到RGB+CCT Meshlink系列控制器和LED驱动。本系列超低功耗长寿命电池,此外,还支持收藏夹设置或分组功能。

n 简介

       BR03手持式遥控器系列,采用可靠的自组网无线通信协议,拥有简化操作和极简设计,旨在控制单色到RGB+CCT Umi系列控制器和LED驱动。本系列超低功耗长寿命电池,此外,还支持收藏夹设置或分组功能。

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n 特性

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n 接线图解

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MeshLink Handheld Remote Controller
FunctionSingle Color
with dynamic effect
Single Color
on/off and dimming
Tunable White
on/off, CCT and dimming
Electrical Specification
Working Voltage DC3V, CR2032 cell battery 
Wireless ConnectionBluetooth Low Energy mesh protocol
RF Band2.4GHz ISM band
Wireless Transmit Power<7dBm
Wireless Distance>15 meters at open area
Standby Power Consumption<6uA current
Working Temperature -30~60℃
Operation Mode Press-key operation
User InteractionVariable brightness indicator
Dimension & Weight
Net Weight 19g 

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