RM07 RF无线墙面开关遥控器

RM07 Wall switch remote controller is an RF wireless remote controller with 3 buttons, one for ON/OFF and two for upward and downward switching. The remote supports single press, double press and holding to send signals.

RM05 / RM07 RF Remote Controller
Electrical Specification
Remote Control Frequency433.92MHz
Modulation ModeASK
Remote Control BatteryCR2032 cell battery
Remote Transmit Power2-7dBm0-5dBm
Working Current<20mA
Standy Current<1uA
Working IndicatorBlue LED
Key StructureSlicon pad + Metal domePET film key
Working Temperature -30~60℃
InstallationHand holdWall Switch
Operation ModeClick press /  hold press /  combo key
Components & PCBSMD parts / FR-4 pcb
Dimension & Weight
Dimension 122x35x9mm  72x45x9mm 
Net Weight 25g  20g 

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