CASAMBI PB.0系列1-4路LED恒压控制器360W

PB Casambi meshlink系列LED控制器用于驱动电压范围为DC6V-24V的恒压LED产品。兼容Casambi照明控制系统,无需路由器和网关。用户可通过Casambi应用程序方便地开启或关闭LED设备、设置动态模式、设置群组工作或调整LED亮度。此系列同时还具有IP68防水选项。

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       PB Casambi meshlink系列LED控制器用于驱动电压范围为DC6V-24V的恒压LED产品。兼容Casambi照明控制系统,无需路由器和网关。用户可通过Casambi应用程序方便地开启或关闭LED设备、设置动态模式、设置群组工作或调整LED亮度。此系列同时还具有IP68防水选项。      Rayrun website

Rayrun website

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       Rayrun website

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Rayrun website

CASAMBI CV LED controller
ModelPB10 (-S)PB20 (-S)PB30 (-S)PB40 (-S)
FunctionSingle Color
CV controller
CV controller
CV controller
CV controller
Electrical Specification
Working Voltage DC 6-24V 
Rated Output Current15A2x7A3x5A4x3A
Smartphone Connectionby CASAMBI app, based on BLE
RF Band2.4GHz ISM band
Wireless Transmit Power<7dBm
Wireless Distance>15 meters at open area
App SupportCASAMBI App on iOS and Android platform
PWM output grade4000 levels
PWM Frequency500Hz-4KHz configurable from app
Protection FunctionWrong wiring / Overload / Short circuit / Overheat
IP GradeIP63 for regular version, IP68 for -S version
Working Temprature -30~60℃
Smartphone Controldimming, color setting, group features, via Casambi app.
Fading Controlconfigurable from app
Model Changingconfigurable from app
Power & LED Connector
Power Connector16AWG red and black cable
LED Connector20AWG red and black cable
Dimension & Weight
Dimension 87x21x8.5mm
Net Weight 23g / 26g