n  On 18th Feb. 2011, Rayrun Technology Co., Ltd was established in Shenzhen.

n  In September of 2011, The 1st generation controller was published on 13th CIOE in Shenzhen.

n  In Spring of 2012, the mini series controllers were published, a milestone of Rayrun and later became industrial standard product. 

n  In September of 2012, Rayrun move to a new place with professional manufacturing facility.

n  In October of 2012, the first invent patent was issued, and more patents were issued after that.

n  In Autumn of 2012, the first time to attend HK lighting fair and Rayrun products start going to international.

n  In 2013, the R2/R3 series controllers were published. The first App "RayColor" and "ColorEasy" was published.

n  In 2014, the R2/R3 series controllers were full covered for different LEDs.

n  In 2015, the network series controllers were published.

n  In 2016, Rayrun Technology Co., Ltd was certified with China national High Technology Enterprise.

n  In 2017, Released the latest BLE mesh products, with all-in-one App and timing scene program based on built-in real time clock.

n In 2018, Developed Meshlink protocol, a whole new wireless communication method between device.

n In 2018, Start cooperation with CASAMBI and released top performance XB series CASAMBI controllers.